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Tryhackme Buffer Overflow (4-10)

Quick post about the remaining bufferoverflow (4-10) tryhackme.


Because the mechanics are the same, like the first 3 bufferoverflow and I do not wanna write the same post 10 times. This is a resume of the bufferoverflow 4-10. Only badchars and offset are noted.

You can find the first 3 posts here:





I used the windows 7 VM 32bits with inmunity debugger inside the tryhackme room.

Windows Firewall and Defender are disabled.


Remote connection to the machine:

xfreerdp /u:admin /p:password /cert:ignore /v:10.10.😄 /workarea

Overflow 4

Offset: 2026 Badchars: \x00\xa9\xcd\xd4

Overflow 5

Offset: 314 Badchars: \x00\x16\x2f\xf4\xfd

Overflow 6

Offset: 1034 Badchars: \x00\x08\x2c\xad

Overflow 7

Offset: 1306 Badchars: \x00\x8c\xae\xbe\xfb

Overflow 8

Offset: 1786 Badchars: \x00\x1d\x2e\xc7\xee

Overflow 9

Offset: 1514 Badchars: \x00\x04\x3e\x3f\xe1

Overflow 10

Offset: 537 Badchars: \x00\xa0\xad\xbe\xde\xef

Good preparation but a bit repetitive, because once you know how to exploit one the rest are the same. Anyway it is done, next is Brainstorm I expect more scripting and development process.

Thanks for reading!